Great home cooking
Jeanetta Molihan, Hamden, Ohio
1 year(s) ago

My husband and I travel a lot with his work and we’re always looking for somewhere to eat that’s more like “home cooking”. Kay’s Kitchen is just that!! The food and service is great!! We’ll definitely be going back!

Exactly what I was looking for
Valerie , cerulean, Kentucky
2 year(s) ago
this lil eatery was exactly what I was looking for. Good ol'home cooking. They also serve lunch. I definitely will be back to try. My Western omelette was cooked perfectly & grilled my biscuit. Service was friendly & so were the patrons. Google had the hours of operation yummy! highly recommend

Good Diner
Chris Rowland, Cincinnati, OH
3 year(s) ago
The restaurant was rather basic and spartan and you get the feeling that the restaurant used to be a gas station convenience store and they didn't spend a whole lot on the remodel. The tables weren't very fancy, and the chairs were quite utilitarian. This establishment does not scream out "date night" if that's what you're looking for as you pass through Princeton, Kentucky. However, it does provide a pretty good value for your money.

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501 N Jefferson St
Princeton, KY 42445